Review item

Multiple rating

  • Multiple Star Rating feature are available in vReview.
  • You can add one or multiple rating factors for each review like Features, User Interface, Design, Performance etc.
  • Ability to choose Single Star Rating or Multiple Star Rating.
  • It allows users to post rating or comments on any of your webpage available whether it's a Blog page, a Product page, restaurant page and so on.
  • It allows users to like, dislike report the product / page.
  • Users can 'Like', 'Dislike', reply comments posted.

Social sharing

  • The social sharing feature also supported in vReview.
  • User can share review to large social network Such as: Facebook, Google plus, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Twitter.
  • It allows you to publish Facebook like, share buttons.
  • You have complete control on Social Network Share Buttons.

Comment system

  • Ability to Add comments each review.
  • Addition, user can like/dislike or reply for each review. User need to subscribe the page Review to receive notification of all the activities on that page.
  • Ability to upload unlimited Smiles from backend.
  • Ability for users to report inappropriate comments.
  • Ability to enable Facebook "Like button", "Share Button", and "Comment Box" on your Product/Page.
  • Ability to enbale/disable Terms & Conditions on review.

Quick rating

  • Ability to set Quick rating as User can give rating without review.


  • vReview now have a feature that prevents site user reviews from appearing publicly until they are reviewed by an admin.
  • You can control all review or comments using backend admin panel.


Email notifications

  • Email notifications of new/edited comments.
  • vReview allows to set various email notifications to admin e.g. Enable Like/Dislike Notification to admin, Enable/Disable Comment Notification to admin, Enable/Disable Report Notification to admin.


  • Subscribe to get the latest page's review and comments or replies. So your users (visitors) will never miss any updates from your page.
  • Ability to set Auto Subscribe option if you want user to auto subscribe for notification after submitting review.
  • It allows users to subscribe / unsubscribe to get notifications on reviews posted further.

Administrator UI


  • vReview provides numerous "Graphical Reports" to help you better visualize the Reviewed Pages.
  • vReview lets you monitor your Statistics of number of Reviews daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reports in beautiful info graphics and data visualizations.
  • Include Pie charts and Line Charts.
  • Can apply filters to Graphical Reports either or both by the properties of a main entity and the properties of related entities.

Backend Management

  • Admin does have an option to enable / disable the reviews for a particular user group.
  • Admin does have an option to hide star rating and enable like / dislike buttons.
  • Admin does have an option to enable/disable the Terms and Conditions Checkbox on front end reviews section.
  • Option at backend that allows to set any date and time format that shows on front end reviews section.
  • Admin can track all reviews, comments, users and other activities from centralize backend dashboard.
  • Graphical representation feature at backend from where admin can check Highest Reviewed Pages, Top Rated Pages, Highly Reported Pages, Highly Reported Reviews, Most Disliked Pages, and Most Liked Pages Most Discussed Pages etc. via Google Charts.
  • Various advance reviews settings at backend e.g. enable/disable comment, enable/disable share, enable/disable social share, enable/disable report, enable/disable subscribe, enable/disable page like, enable/disable comment notification, enable/disable report notification, enable/disable like/dislike notification etc.
  • Admin can Customize Notification Templates According to his need.
  • Overview Reviews and comments
  • Manage notifications


Access control

  • Manage what users can do by setting specific authority levels for them. Apply for each user group.
  • A flexible and powerful Access Control Level with an easy-to-use user interface that provides the ability to set all front-end and back-end permissions for all user groups from vReview Profile Settings.
  • Assign Different access levels to different users and let them manage all functionality and features separately.
  • Define which user groups (access levels) can add/edit/delete reviews into vReview and which can't.


  • Ability to set Captcha for each review to prevent spam reviews
  • You need to enable joomla default captcha plugin (reCaptcha) before use this feature.

Multiple modules

  • vReview lets you add Dynamic modules that shows Latest Reviews, Most Liked Reviews, Highest Rated Reviews.
  • vReview lets you add Dynamic modules that shows Top Reviewers of your site based on rating, Top Reviewers of your site based on Reviews.
  • vReview lets you add Dynamic module that shows Highest reviewed Pages, Top Rated Pages, Most Liked Pages, Most Disliked Pages and Most Reported Pages.
  • vReview lets you add Slider module that shows Highest reviewed Pages, Top Rated Pages, Most Liked Pages, Most Disliked Pages and Most Reported Pages.

Other Features

  • Lightweight.
  • highly secured
  • Very flexible to every change.
  • Support all language.
  • Works in all modern browsers.
  • The vReview component can be easily translated into any language. French, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Italian, etc.


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