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vChart - Chart BuildervChart - Chart Builder

One stop for all your data Visualization needs

vChart is an advanced charting Joomla component that fulfills any data visualization need. It contains a lot of customizing options and a very simple and intuitive data input option in back end. You don't need to worry about data format to input. It eases the inclusion of charts within your articles and various module positions. It is based upon the Google API. vChart can generate all major types of chart like Line Chart, Area Chart, Stepped Area Chart, Timeline Chart, Column Charts, Combo Charts, Annotation chart, Geo Charts, Maps Charts, Candlestick Charts, Table, Scatter Chart, Gauge, Bubble Chart, Pie Charts, Slice Pie Charts. You can feed the data for your chart manually, dynamically through CSV file from backend through database and even remote server database.

vChart package contains 1 Component, 2 Modules & 1 Plugin:

vChart Component:- This is the main extension. Other extensions are dependent on this.

vChart Module:- Allows you to display ‘n’ no of Charts on a single page with different modules.

vChart Search Module:- It's an AJAX based chart search module which allows you to search and plot the charts based on the Search Keywords.

vChart Content Plugin:- You can also embed Charts in Articles, K2 Items and other Content Items using Keyword {vchartmodule,ChartId}.

Numerous Charts

Numerous Charts

vChart supports every possible chart by Google API from the Basic Charts (line, column etc.) to the Most Complex ones (Geo, Annotation, Candlestick etc.) and beyond your imagination formatting options. At present, there are sixteen main modes (Chart Type): Line Chart, Area Chart, Stepped Area Chart, Timeline Chart, Column Charts, Combo Charts, Annotation Chart, Geo Charts, Maps, Candlestick Charts, Table Chart, Scatter Chart, Gauge Chart, Bubble Chart, Bar Chart and Pie Chart.

There is a good probability that the chart visualization you are thinking of, is already present in our component.

Absolutely dynamic chart

Absolutely Dynamic Chart

Picks data continuously from dynamic csv getting data from external source. You can feed the data for your chart manually, dynamically through CSV file from backend through database and even remote server database.

In combination with jQuery & Google API, this opens for solutions like live charts constantly updating with values from the server at a given interval, user supplied data and more. Now it's super easy to integrate vChart with your current stack.

Zero proficient user friendliness

Zero Proficient User Friendliness

vChart is designed to be easy to use, to handle large amounts of dynamic data, and to enable manipulation of and interaction with the data. Data can be picked from n number of tables through SQL queries and even through in-depth filters which makes it easier to use for a new user or beginner.

Our charts work seamlessly across all modern mobile and desktop browsers including the iPhone/iPad, Android devices and Internet Explorer. Best of all, it's easy for beginners to get up and running.

Smart Chart Concept

Smart Chart Concept

vChart is a very Flexible, Extremely Easy to Use, and Fully Responsive Chart Component, which helps you to create your own Unique Chart with full Customization. It is facilitated with options to present single chart graphically at different pages based on current page dynamic variable.

vChart also provides you an option for Chart Preview so that you can investigate data, by using chart preview in pop-up. It also allows you to embed interactive Charts into Articles, K2 Items and other Content Items use a shortcode /keyword i.e. {vchartmodule ChartId} directly in the WYSIWYG editor.

Advance Formatting

Advance Formatting

vChart is packed with powerful features that let you have full control over the aesthetics and behavior of all the charts. It gives you complete flexibility to customize the charts according to your wish. You can centrally control the Formatting of your charts like Background Color, Fonts, Fill Color, Stroke Color, Stroke Width and Transparent etc. with our advanced Chart Formatting Section.

Features like Real-time Charts, Intelligent Label Management, Custom Tooltips, Multi-lingual Charts, Chart Orientation, Data Plot Direction etc. are supported out of the box.

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