• A simple and powerful way of creating Quizzes, Surveys and Questionnaries etc
    A simple and powerful way of creating Quizzes, Surveys and Questionnaries etc Quickly add Trivia, Personality Quizzes, MBTI Quiz, Branching Quizzes, Simulation Quizzes, Lessons, Paid Quizzes, Surveys and Polls
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vQuiz - Quiz and Survey ToolvQuiz - Quiz and Survey Tool

Quickly add Trivia, Personality Quizzes, MBTI Quiz, Branching Quizzes, Simulation Quizzes, Lessons, Paid Quizzes, Surveys and Polls

vQuiz is simple, enhanced and fascinating Quiz tool, with flexible features user can enjoy with ease. Now, engage your audience in a unique and fun way and connect them to your brand or learning material. Trivia, Simulation, Personality, MBTI, Branching, Paid Quizzes, Lessons and Poll/Survey quizzes are serving the purpose for doctors in finding out personality of patient, for business in product marketing and analysis, for research to make better estimations and to study alternative solutions, for students to track their progress and much more.....

Create and Play Awe-Inspiring Quizzes

Create and Play Awe-Inspiring Quizzes

Create and play a variety of Quizzes, Compete with yourself and friend’s score, challenge your friends and much more!

vQuiz treasure has lots of Quiz varieties for you:

  • Trivia: Among the vast categories of questionnaires, trivia is the most common including multiple choice, tick the right one, yes or no etc.
  • Simulation: Simulations give us better estimates after more and more trials. Optimized solutions are obtained through simulation Quizzes.
  • Personality: A Personality Quiz is an exciting way to determine someone's personality type. Every possible answer has an associated personality type assigned by you!
  • MBTI: You'll need all 16 personality types to be loaded into an interactive quiz builder so you can create the questions and scoring of the quiz. These are ENFJ, INFJ, ENFP, INFP, INTJ, ENTJ, INTP, ENTP, ESFP, ISFP, ISTP, ESTP, ESFJ, ISFJ, ISTJ, and ESTJ, where E = Extroversion, I = Intuition, F = Feeling, J = Judge.
  • Poll/Survey: Solicit feedback from your fans and let them vote and share in a poll. Completely customize your poll with unlimited choices and a design that matches your branding and goals. Tailor your poll by incorporating videos, images, and text options.
Permissive Question Grouping and Conditional Branching

Permissive Question Grouping and Conditional Branching

vQuiz inherit very fine features of grouping and branching questions within a Quiz. Grouping helps the admin to separate same types of questions related to one subject, category or format in a single group within a Quiz. Also, one can easily make a group of questions on the bases of weightage.

While playing quizzes a user sometimes needs to directly switch to a random question according to the answers and choices he selected. The technique of this type of conditional questioning is popularly named as Branching. One can directly switch to a particular question according to the relevance of the answer given. One can include or exclude question, jump directly to a particular question, or can force to end the quiz.

You can select the condition when to exclude or include a particular question. Admin can set that by selecting or skipping a particular option in multiple choice question a user can switch to the relevant question according to the answer given.

Dynamic Result and certificate with default templates

Dynamic Result and certificate with default templates

After playing quiz user gets some sort of output or result depends on the type of Quiz played. There are multiple widgets available to show different categories of results. The user can see the result of previous quizzes attempted, total quiz played so far, total passed and failed users, the average score in percentage etc. directly on the Dashboard through these widgets.

The result can be shown after the completion of every quiz. Answer sheet can be shown at the end of the Quiz, can be disclosed on the Email later, or even can be shown in the user’s result section provided in vQuiz. In question review section admin can show the result after each and every question attempted.

Results and certifications can also be sent to the mail ID of the user, printed, or can be saved in different formats in the local PC. One can get certification through download or email button, it can be sent by automatic email or email by admin.

Admin can use default templates available. Custom result and certificate templates are also available for each type of Quiz so that admin can modify the template accordingly.

Get Notified for Every Bit of Action!

Get Notified for Every Bit of Action!

For any robust software, the acknowledgment is the most demanding feature nowadays. vQuiz provides you the notification for tasks completion, error reporting, statistical updates of Quizzes and users etc. Some of the important notification provided by vQuiz are:

  • When a Quiz is played by your user
  • When a Learning path is completed
  • When a Certificate is sent
  • When a Player send the Invitation to other players
  • When a Quiz is left in between
  • When an Order remains unpaid
  • When new Categories, Quizzes, Lessons, Skills & Learning Paths are added
  • When a subscription is about to expire or is expired
Interactive Leader Board and Keen Eye Progress Tracker

Interactive Leader Board and Keen Eye Progress Tracker

Results matter the most! Most likely when competition is ON. vQuiz provides the very interactive feature of Leader Board and progress tracker to track top scores and individual progress. All the progress and performance of a user can be tracked on the bases of categories of Quizzes, skills of the quizzes, total quizzes played per day, vQuiz is really a very flexible components as it provides loads of options to track top scorers and to keep an eye over an individual to find how many users passed or failed the examination, what is the average score of the user, etc.

Modules in vQuiz give you the option to select top rank scorers based on Quiz category and skills, timely bases (monthly, weekly, daily, hourly etc.). Also, one can easily compare individual performances by tracking a user score through graphs, charts, and numbers. All the track records of individual and users are displayed in the form of different sorts of charts and List on the Dashboard with the help of different sorts of widgets.

An Informative Walk to Learning Path

An Informative Walk to Learning Path

For the purpose of training, learning, online test, chapter with exercises etc. vQuiz bring you a very advantageous online learning methodology called Learning path. One can create groups of lessons and quizzes to be taken. One can set price for each and every learning path having lots of lessons and quizzes. It is really easy to create learning paths by selecting previously created lessons and quizzes and can sort them accordingly. One can set different levels and release the whole learning path at once or partially in a group of lessons and quizzes on different days or weeks. One can be restricted or allowed to attempt a particular Quiz through IP address or Quiz restriction settings for Users. You can select the category of learning path and upload the image as a cover for it.

Lessons: A lesson includes information in the form of text, images, audio or video. There could be a number of lessons in a single learning path in different formats.

Quizzes: A Quiz is a group of questions which will be attempted by the valid end-user. Quizzes can be of different types like trivia, survey/polls, simulation, personality, and MBTI etc.

vQuiz Earn with Fun Paid and Trial Quizzes

vQuiz Earn with Fun Paid and Trial Quizzes

Admin can set paid and free trial quizzes by creating Plans, Orders, Subscriptions, Coupons for a discount, and payment processor integration with taxes.

  • Plans: vQuiz helps admin to create any number of paid or trial plans with or without timelines for different categories of users or Quizzes. You can set expiry date and time for any of the plan and can define the user access level for these plans.
  • Order: A subscribed user can have more than one order added to his/her subscription plan. To purchase an order you can select payment processors like PayPal, PayPal Pro, and Wire etc.
  • Subscription: Admin can set subscriptions for the user on weekly, monthly or yearly bases. Admin can select the user to apply the subscription on and can set different type of status like Active, hold or expired status for it.
  • Coupon: You can generate different discount schemes for different plans and can assign to a relevant user.
  • Payment: You can log in into the rooted payment apps or can inherit new payment plugins to receive payment into your account. There are several pre-configured payment processors, which are, PayPal, PayPal Pro, and Wire.
Highly Informative Dashboard with Advance Graphical Reporting

Highly Informative Dashboard with Advance Graphical Reporting

The dashboard is the prime channel to access the features and to get the most of information and statistics. vQuiz provides much inclusive, comprehensive, and customizable Dashboard. One can add or remove a numerous number of widgets as per requirement. A very handy Menu bar is provided to access the features, functionalities, settings, and configurations. vQuiz provides the statistics of passed/failed users, total quizzes played, average score, quiz being played, recent quiz results etc. on the single interactive Interface. One can watch the players live playing quizzes across the globe on the Map.

Reporting of vQuiz takes it to one level higher than other software, as all the statistical reporting can be displayed on the Dashboard in the form of Bar charts, pie charts, maps, numeric statistics of Quizzes played, scores of Users, details of types/categories and timing of recently played Quizzes etc.

Intuitive Administrative Panel with Secure User Access levels

Intuitive Administrative Panel with Secure User Access levels

vQuiz provides the expert level of security with very natural and well rooted administrative panel which makes it easier for the Administrator to share the control of the software without compromising with the data and features.

vQuiz provides the security at the level of Quizzes like what to play what not to, how many number of times a user can play a Quiz, Timing of the Quiz to be played. At the user level, certain access restriction can be applied like what extra a registered user can do in comparison with unregistered. A secure could be restricted to access any learning path or a particular lesson of the learning path. Admin can publish or unpublished any questionnaire/lesson/learning path. The only user having a token or PC having a particular IP address can only be individually allowed to play Quiz.

User access level can be categories as Admin with full access of backend, Moderator to create and manage Quiz with full access front end, and the end user who is playing Quiz etc.

Matchless latest features and much more

Matchless latest features and much more

Admin can disable print or copy to protect the quiz. Circulation of skipped question feature is available so that user can attempt skipped questions again. Quiz Draft is also an excellent feature through which user can pause and play the quiz whenever he wants. Invitation to other users to play or challenge quiz is available through various means. You can enable question review panel along with each and every question to review them. You can select favourite questions by enabling featured option. You can generate certificate number by various means by using prefix/suffix, alphanumeric, sequential and random digits, or alphabets.

Lead generation can be achieved by taking information of user before starting the Quiz or before showing the result just after submission. You can hide it if not needed. While playing Quiz one can display a progress bar, completion level, live scores etc. and can select pagination (one/multiple questions per page).

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