vAttribute Plugin for Virtuemart

vAttribute Plugin for Virtuemart

You can add Title to each attribute
You can add description to the attribute
You can add image to the attribute
Create stockable variants in Virtuemart is easy and fast
You can add custom cart ( with price ) attributes with radio buttons
Calculate the price of attribute based on customer input dimensions (i.e width & height).


An attribute in VirtueMart is defined as any property of a product, for example size, color, material, resolution etc. Probably you don’t want to add as many product pages as you have products – it would be easier to create only few but with attributes which can be selected by user. Adding Attributes to your Virtuemart Product Information as Stockable Variants (as Dropdown List) is very easy and fast now. vAttribute is a very quick and simplistic way of adding an attribute as a product variation.

vAttribute Plugin is a Virtuemart Custom Field Plugin that allows the admin / shop owner to add a different attribute like Title, Description, Images, Weight as well as Prices for each attribute separately. It also provide the ability to calculate price per Square Unit based on the dimensions (width & height) given by the customer. It also allows you to arrange your attributes via drag n drop in very easy way. Also you can set the limit for the dimensions (width & height) and can set an attribute as a default attribute. It also allows you to update main product weight based on the dimensions (width & height) or chosen attributes by the customers.

A great feature of vAttribute Plugin is offering variations of a product with different sizes, colors and even more. It also allow you to create stockable variations of your Product like size, color etc. by using your existing custom fields for Product Attributes.

It allows you to add child attributes within each main attribute which are useful if you have some accessories which are dependant on other accessories of your product.

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