HexSys Size Plugin

HexSys Size Plugin for Virtuemart

You can set the Price Offset to the custom field
Sell customised products around your customer's needs
Easily adjust the product to the required size length, width, height
You can create a single product for different sizes
Dynamic product prices calculation as per size


HexSys Product Size Plugin for Virtuemart is an extension to Virtuemart custom fields that allows you to create a custom field attribute for Product size (e.g. height, length & width). Admin can set different size dynamically and also can adjust different prices for different size ranges dynamically from backend. Admin can also set Price offset to the custom field which means whether to include the Product Price with custom field calculated price or just simply override the original price of the Product with the new calculated price of the custom field.

It also provide the ability to display the custom field attributes like width, height, length) either in the Dropdowns or in Text input Field. Choosing Different product size will update the product price accordingly.

Using HexSys Product Size Plugin for Virtuemart, you can sell size specific products tailored to the client's needs, carpets, Posters, flooring, wood merchants, metal suppliers, garden furniture makers, cloth manufacturers etc. in fact any product that involves cut goods, sold by dimension, length, width, height. It calculates the correct price for your customer, dynamically, based on the size they require.

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