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Only show vreview on some articles

8 years 5 months ago #1437 by Ross Wakelin
I'm trying to have it so that vreview only shows for some articles, and not others e.g. I don't want it to show for blog type articles.
I have created a profile, and it applies ok to the right category of articles. If I then create blog articles, with a different category, I get the error message that the article doesn't match the profile type.

How can I only have vreview show/apply to certain articles?


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8 years 5 months ago #1438 by Daniel
Hi Ross,
Right now It's not possible to have vReview apply to certain. However we can implement the feature for you. And as far as the issue is concerned mentioned by you ( error message on Blog page ), we need to check your profile settings and what you really want to achieve with this.

Please contact us here with your back end & FTP login credentials for both the points. We'll look into it.


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